Squirrel Rescue

Not-for-profit squirrel rescue and rehabilitation

Welcome to Squirrel Rescue

Squirrel Rescue is a not-for-profit wildlife and animal rescue run by Samantha Mignano and friends.

Red squirrels are stunning and native to this country, but even the non-native grey squirrels bring a smile to the face of most when playing in the grass or standing up on their hind legs with a nut. Most people accept grey squirrels as part of our wildlife nowadays, as they have been here so long now and just like non-native rabbits, are established and doing well.

Red squirrels have protected areas where grey squirrels must not be released, but in areas where there are no red squirrels it is perfectly legal to rehabilitate and release them back to the wild if you have a licence. It would take a particularly hard heart not to help an animal in need.

There is much misinformation about squirrels, and many are culled unnecessarily because people believe they cannot be returned to the wild.

If you are licensed by Natural England you can return a non-native grey squirrel to the wild after rehabilitiation as long as it is healthy and you have the land owner's permission (or your own land that is suitable).

If you find a squirrel and need urgent help, please contact us by telephone Sam on 07712 893567. Please note: our email is not always checked.